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Helen Gilbertson - Yoga Teacher
Teaching in Oban and Kilmelford
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Is it for me?

Curious about starting a yoga practice?


Do you like the sound of leaving a class feeling more free than when you arrived? Maybe you'll feel energised or calmer, lighter yet grounded and possibly taller too?

Would you welcome being encouraged to find your challenge, tap into your strength and connect to your body, in a way that gets you glowing?


Well you should give one of my classes a try! 



Using Yoga Postures we explore the challenges that lengthening, bending, twisting, folding, balancing and holding offer us.  Experience the effect of regular rhythmic breathing by connecting your breath to your movement.

What he said about it. . .

First ever yoga class, was a bit apprehensive about going for the first time. But I loved it! Very friendly. Looking forward to next week already!
Thank you Helen


—  Rob Haw


Things you might like to know about me!

The name Yoga Bella comes from my family calling me Bella - like most nick names it evolved - I think Helen became Hells, Hells Bells and then Bella and Yoga Bella sounds better than Yoga Helen.

I  spent many summers performing with Galloping Acrobatics an equestrian display team!

Yoga Teacher Education 

  • 200hrs of Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 with Zuna Yoga
    (Don't follow that link . . . you'll be jealous!) ​ 

  • 200hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 & 2020 with Jason Crandell

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